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Huffington Post/Robin Raven -- "Book Review: 'Kissing the Crisis' by Kara Martinez Bachman is Delightful"

Manhattan Book Review --  " ... more often than not, I found myself giggling and nodding in agreement."
Seattle Book Review --  "Grab a glass of wine and some snacks and settle in for the night!"

"Driftwood" newspaper, University of New Orleans -- "Alumna's book offers humorous meditation on age and regret"

TDC Book Reviews -- "A very enjoyable, hilarious tale in the vein of Jen Lancaster, Jenny Lawson and David Sedaris."

Medium.com/ "The Straight Dope"/Amazon Top 100 Reviewer --  "There is one essay, strategically placed third to last, that is a gem.
It is thoroughly clever and very funny, as well as being once again, all too real. If E.B. White were still around, he'd put it in the Subtreasury of American Humor, and Whit Burnett would put it in This is My Best."

Rocking Over 40 -- "This book had me bursting out in laughter and reminiscing about the innocent days of my own youth. It also served as a source of comfort
knowing that there are other like-minded women navigating this stage of life and doing it with a lot of humor and pizzazz."

Jefferson Parish Parent -- "I spent many moments giggling at the antics and commiserations lying within the pages of this true life story of a gal from Louisiana."

Mrs. Mommy Book Nerd's Book Reviews -- "Showcase" interview

Midlife Funk -- "Funny, witty and entertaining...This book will inspire many of us to approach midlife light-heartedly and with sheer optimism, and I strongly
recommend that you add it to your reading list."

The Paperback Princess -- "Whether you’re a woman in her forties about to experience that mid-life crisis or a mom with tween aged kids, I would recommend 'Kissing the Crisis.'"

Legends Magazine -- "...a worthy read for people who may not meet the age and gender requirements described in the title. Some experiences are universal,
and laughing as we gracefully age is definitely one of them."

A Page to Turn -- "Spotlight" Interview

A Square of Chocolate -- "I recommend this book to any woman wanting to unwind and laugh at the daily grind of being a somewhat sane aging woman."
Ivory Owl Reviews -- 20 Fabulous New Releases to Watch for in February

Rebecca Howie Books -- "Read a Lot" interview

Eskie Mama and Dragon Lady Reads -- "Sunday Spotlight" interview

Terri Luvs Books -- "Carolina Reads" interview